How Doomed Are We?

From the NFL to Mexico to the Middle East one thing is very clear……there is a complete lack of morals and character in the world. This poor horse has been beat by myself more than once and thus is somewhat disconcerting that here we are beating the same poor horse AGAIN!

When you hear the lamest excuses by people to justify their actions and they are able not only to get those words out without choking on them, but that the public accepts those ‘jokes’ without any uproar or condemnation it is apparent that the whole of society has lost their moral compass. But that is not surprising at all considering how people conduct themselves everyday.


When Ray Rice, after knocking his then girlfriend out in an Atlantic City elevator had no more concern or compassion for her than to drag her lack a sack of potatoes out of the elevator and just drop her on the ground, is upset that the ‘world’ has seen and ‘judged’ him on his private life yet, his true concern is that his career was impacted shows that he was not the least bit morally remorseful about his treatment of the woman that he supposedly wants to spend the rest of his life with. Of course that actually plays into the fact that how we choose our partners these days is not based on wanting to spend the rest of our lives with them or that we value them above all others. In most cases we choose based on looks or money or some other benefit that the person can provide for us. And this is only for the short term. We have no true concept of forever, for our memory as a whole doesn’t seem to last longer than 5 minutes.

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In seeing how little true value we place on choosing our life partner, it is no surprise that we place NO value on people in general. Which was very evident when the wife of the Mayor of Iguala ordered the Police Chief to kill 43 student teachers, whom she thought might interrupt her party. Of course the fact that the Police Chief carried out the order also shows that even those persons whom we should be able to count on to protect and defend the innocent have neither the moral component nor the personal integrity to do the right thing!

Thus it should be absolutely no surprise that violent, radical groups like I.S. are able to not only exist in the world but can recruit across all borders and gain support for actions that should completely and totally morally deplorable to ALL persons and societies. The deniers will say that only the crazy or lost people are likely to join groups like I.S. or act in a similar manner. However, what they fail to acknowledge is that; 1) their numbers show that we have a WHOLE LOT of those lost crazy souls in the world, 2) the fact that so many of those persons exist is the fault of all of humanity. The proof that problems like terrorism are all our fault can be seen in the fact that young persons that were identified as ‘good, normal kids’ are a lot of the recruits headed to Turkey and Syria to join the ranks of I.S.

There is NO quick fix for this dilemma. There is NO short term fix for this dilemma. The only fix is for society as a whole to give up their primary focus of money and materialism and to shift that focus back to morals, integrity, honor, and personal character. If we made that shift as a whole today we would not see any real improvement for a whole generation, which is why we will not fix this issue. What will have to happen will be the near destruction of the world as a whole to wake up those that survive; the ironic part is that our own human history tells us that this has happened before, whether you believe in the story or Atlantis, or Noah’s flood, or Veda’s of India, or the ‘myths’ of many tribal people world-wide, you have been warned about what happens when we lose our humanity.

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