Other Undead

Some Screaming In The Night

I would like to add that there some other undead beings or creatures that roam around:

Wights. Wights are not unlike skeleton warriors; but they are fallen lords, dukes and such nobles, who have been placed in a barrow and which their battle gear and wealth was stored with them. These barrows are protected by powerful enchantments. These nobles are more powerful than skeletons and are normally found leading groups of skeletons or zombies.

Azeman. The Azeman originate from South America. They take the form of a human female during the day but at night they transform into a bat. The Azeman fed by draining the blood of their victims. Azeman are obsessed with counting, and if seeds are scattered on the floor she will stop to count them all. It is thought that some of the modern vampire lore comes from the Azeman, which are South American versions of the European vampires.

Banshee. Banshees are restless spirits of evil witches and females. Their spirits live on in the material world, because they fear to cross into the void where they will face punishment for their deeds. The Banshee’s appearance is varied, they are usually seen as a skull with hair and a flowing dress; they float above the surface of the ground. As banshees are ethereal creatures like ghosts they have the power to move through walls. Banshees are well known for their howls of despair, this howl of the banshee is meant to bring death to those who hear it.

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