Obama’s Softspot For His Frankenstein

The numbers show how little damage the US is willing to do to their Frankenstein. In aΒ Washington Post articleΒ the numbers prove that once again Obama is ALL rhetoric about current situations.

090614_anhq_NATO_640 via foxnews
via foxnews.com

According to their numbers a total of 157 air strikes have been conducted by the US on Islamic State targets. The strikes have destroyed 212 targets of which 162 were vehicles, while only 50 have been strategically significant targets! That says it all in a nutshell!

While it might be a ‘bigger rush’ to hit and take out a moving target, it is no true big deal for I.S. to lose vehicles that they can replace within an hour. It is much more strategically successful for the air strikes to damage and destroy their facilities and weapons systems; that is the only way to ensure any real ‘degrading’ of I.S. Yet, that is not happening. Not only is that not happening, President Obama has openly stated that the US will increase their supply of weapons to ‘moderate’ rebels…..

Would that be the same ‘moderate’ rebels that have been working with I.S., including selling kidnapped American journalists to I.S. for their propaganda?!?!?!
Nice Call President Obama!

We have agreed to fund, support, and help run training camps in Saudi for more ‘moderate’ rebels to help in the battle against I.S. Saudi has been one of the major funnels of money, weapons, supplies and other support for destabilizing Syria from the start, including supplying Chemical Weapons to the moderates so that they can create false flags that can be blamed on Assad and the Syrian military.

We are also publicly stating that we will once again violate the sovereignty of another nation by conducting air strikes in their territory. Of course we have been committing this crime for so long now that it is like speeding on the Interstate for us. We seem to have a complete inability to decide who our enemies are and how to deal with them. We attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan while funding, arming and supporting them in Syria and Iraq.
To say we are confused is a complete and total understatement!

What a tangled web we weave when we plan to deceive!!! And how much more tangled it becomes when the motive for the deceiving is greed!

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