Lost Cities; Myths Or More

Atlantis-02Time is a cycle of beginnings and endings, ups and downs, dawns and dusks. Civilizations have arisen out of nothing and descended into oblivion. Empires have conquered the known world and crumbled to rubble. Peoples have traveled beyond the edge of the world and disappeared from history. However, just like you cannot stop the march of time it seems that you cannot completely and totally destroy history either. It can be broken and shattered and scattered into the darkness, but it still remains. It will be found, the only question will be how long it takes to share its secrets and reveal the truth. In some cases the problem isn’t in the remains being shattered or broken or uninterpreted but in the inability and or unwillingness of the finder to understand.

Here are some of the Lost Cities that seem to refuse to completely sink into the darkness of forgotten time;

Map of Mu with Maya translation

1) Lemuria or Mu – – Believed to have been located in the current area of the Pacific Rim. By some accounts this ancient city was as old as 78,000 years ago. Those accounts also claim that the civilization last for 52,000 years and met its demise in a pole-shift that occurred 24,000 years ago.

2) Atlantis or Poseid – – This is probably the most known of the ancient lost civilizations. Believed to have been in the Atlantic and by some accounts was a large Archipelago. The first historical accounts come from Plato. By his accounts the city was destroyed by floods and fires around 9,000 BCE, this would coincide with the end of the last Ice Age and thus makes it a plausible memory of antediluvian times.

indusvalleyurbanplann273) Rama Empire of India – – including the city of Harappa. Excavations at the site have shown advanced city planning, that includes plumbing and sewage. There are also some findings that are unusual by accepted historical knowledge, such as, the presence of high amounts of radiation.

4) Osirian – – An ancient Mediterranean civilization, that is believed to have existed prior to the Great Flood. It is believed to have been located in the Mediterranean Sea, which wasn’t a sea during the last Ice Age. Some theory claims that the Nile flowed all the way to Sicily and Malta where it emptied into an ancient lake that possibly extended to the Straits of Gibraltar before emptying into a much shallower ‘Atlantic’ Ocean.

5) Uiger – – Believed to have been located in the current area of the Gobi Desert, there are signs of ocean ports indicating that it might have existed when sea levels and coasts were different from today’s. There are other beliefs that this city might have been part of Lemuria, possibly the Hsi Wang Mu or the place of the ancient ones as Lao Tzu claimed, the place of the Elders of Lemuria.

tiahuanaco templeofKalasasaya go2peru6) Tiahuanaco – – According to myth this was the ‘capital’ of the famed Viracocha. The ruins suggest several interesting ideas; first that at one time the whole Altiplano of Lake Titicaca was underwater, not just water but seawater, also that as large as the lake is currently at some time in the past it was larger as Tiahuanaco has port areas, even though it is currently about 12 miles from the current shore of the lake.

7) Ethiopia – – There have been stories of a Lost Tribe of Israel and Ethiopia is one of the proposed locations for this lost tribe. Ethiopia is one of the locations where there is megalithic construction. Also there are villages in Ethiopia where very ancient forms of Judaism are practiced. And there is also the belief by many that Ethiopia is also the current home of the Ark of the Covenant from the Bible.


Some experts will tell you that these ‘cities’ are made up stories. That ‘we’ didnt have the ability to build cities until 5,000 years ago. Some experts I do believe could trip and fall into the middle of the ruins of Atlantis and would still deny its existence! But this is an open mind zone, so we will be looking into the stories of these cities and see what if anything we can find and learn. I am of the opinion that if these were JUST stories they would have faded with time and as we have mentioned previously Troy was just part of Homer’s wonderful imagination and now it is an actual location!

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