Only Darkness

A single candle flame
Dancing in the dark
Lighting the way
Shining in the night

Glowing bright and warm
Reassuring and full of hope
Guiding the lost home again
A single candle flame

All through the night
Only the dark sees
This little spark of love
Oh where have you gone

Slowly the little flame goes
Dancing becomes flickering
Lower the flame burns
Hold out just a little longer

I see you little flame
You guide me home
Please last a little longer
Let me get to you

Following your glow
It is my only guide
Without it I am lost
Let me find you

Your little flame holds so much
You are all my hope
You are all my dreams
You are where I want to be

I blinked and you blinked back
Please little light, stay
Running I stumbled on my way
I can’t see you now

Only darkness remains
Searching for your glow
Spinning in circles, panic
Only darkness remains


Photo byΒ Zac CainΒ onΒ Unsplash

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