Can We Get An E.U.

Part 2: How to join!

So, now that we know what EU membership really means, you say you still want in. Well just in case some people at home forgot, remember you’re only as free as Brussels says you are; you are only as secure as needed to protect Germany, France, Brussels; your prosperity will be in direct relation to, without exceeding, your resource and labor supplies for the benefit of the same. The EU is now a 28 country bloc, with another half dozen countries naively vying for inclusion. Yet, less than a quarter of the member countries are maintaining some form of economic survival. Matter of fact the only country that isn’t sliding is Germany, which by the way isn’t flying.


Today you hear people say, how did Hitler get all those regular people, all those intelligent leaders, all those educated people to follow him blindly into such madness and evil. Look at the 1930’s world; there was a great depression, that had come on the heels of over speculation by Wall Street, which had been running free and without responsibility, Germany and Austria were doubly hit since their unconditional surrender and subsequent ‘punishment’ by US/UK/France meant they missed the roaring 20’s blindly embraced by the West, not only had Germany/Austria lost the war, they had lost all pride and security as well as any economic hope. The phrase about money not being worth the paper it is printed on, was so true in Depression Era Germany that it was used as waste paper, for insulation and burned in heaters. There were no jobs, no food, no money, no hope, no dreams. Then along comes Hitler. He gives names to the blame, then gives answers to the fear, he gives hope to the hopeless. He did what most like him do; he divided the people to gain power. It was the Germans being ill-used by those non-Germans that were jealous of ‘German Greatness & Purity’. And that is how Hitler got all those regular, intelligent, educated people to follow him. He promised them solutions and gave them illusions. And the EU learned well from his success. His weapon was hate, the EU uses money. His promise was German Greatness, the EU promise is ‘American Dream’. Hitler couldn’t deliver on his promise and the EU has NO intention of delivering on its promise either.
And still you want to join…..
The peaceful method is to accept the loans and bailouts, to completely restructure your infrastructure and education system to accommodate the needs of the EU even if that compromises your culture, your history, your lands, your people. To open your doors to free trade with member nations that due to advanced technology and productivity in comparison to emerging or damaged or neglected economies severely undermine and even erode the advancement of your industry. In short you are to play the perfect Dicken’s Oliver to the EU Uncle.


If you cannot seem to get your act together for peaceful subjection then there is the ‘peaceful protest coup’ method, see the timeline of events over the past 8 months in Ukraine. The US and EU pour money into ‘promoting Democracy’ in the target nation by picking and choosing which ‘parties’ and ‘NGO’s’ they support. In addition they run ‘Radio Free Europe’ not to promote freedom of speech or the press, but you promote the opinions, agenda, ‘truth’ of the West. You have negotiations that you do not have to abide by. You hold elections that do not follow the laws of your nation. You remove the current government illegally with the support of US/EU/NATO endorsement. You forcefully put down any and all dissent to EU intergradation.

usceserbia bombing

Then, if you still cannot get your act together and join the EU by the aforementioned methods there is last resort, just ask Serbia. You will be violently ripped apart by ‘NATO/UN Peacekeeping’ and upon failure to comply bombed into submission. If violent protests, sorry ‘peaceful protests’ that include violence, and ripping a country apart illegally does not bring it to its knees then outside force to help with the destruction and ethnic cleansing of the independent minded and free thinking are backed by NATO. There is NO military action too great to protect those innocent terrorists that were supported in their division and destruction of nations and lands that resisted the advancement of  the great EU so that Europe can be ‘free and secure and peaceful’.

With all the options listed above there is a membership route for everyone. Just decide how you want to sell your freedom and the freedom of your children, grandchildren, and their grandchildren to the amazing, wonderful, illusion of the European Union.

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