NO Honor Left in DC

I know that it has become common open knowledge that politicians are selfish, greedy, arrogant, narcissistic liars, but there used to be some lines that they didn’t cross, at least not very often nor openly, as the public still watched them and had morals that were lacking inside the Beltway. Now the public has fallen completely under the provided delusions of mainstream media, which is owned by Big Business, the very same group that owns the politicians. I have come to the conclusion that here in the US the public will not wake up and smell the coffee until they hit the sidewalk after falling off the Empire State Building! That is the sad sad state of American society. Most Americans have allowed themselves and their children to be so dumb downed by MSM and public education, not that private is much better, yes, I have had experience with both, that they completely accept the crimes committed by our government both at home and abroad. They believe the propaganda about threats and enemies cause they are ignorant of both the locations and histories of the events abroad. The problem is that after WWII, the prosperity that followed was so intoxicating after rations during both wars and the depression betwixt them that most became addicts of “The Good Life” which replaced “The American Dream”. No longer did Americans want the opportunity to live a comfortable life making an honest living from an honest days work. Instead, because the men that had served their countries so well and came home and had the chance to give something to the comfort of their families, greed at the corporate level saw a great opportunity. These corporate tycoons, had seen how well propaganda and advertising had worked for the success of the war effort; thus they tweaked it and turned it into their own success machine to corrupt the American mind. A massive campaign was launched against the American public. Mass communications, in the form of radio and then TV, were the weapons used in this war for the mind. Corporations poured ideas into the minds of Americans that love was no longer about how you treated each other, but what you gave to them; success was no longer measured by remaining true to your values or morals, but by how big your house was or how new your car was or how many outfits you owned; your neighbors were no longer those you counted on and shared with and helped out, they were the ones that you competed with to prove that you were the better father, husband, provider.
The campaign was a success and the prosperity keep rolling along. It seemed NOTHING could stop the money flowing freely into the hands of the rich making them richer. Then something came along to upset the proverbial apple cart. The civil rights movement happened and people became focused on something other than spending money. The Civil Rights Movement, in and of itself, probably would not have been that much to overcome, yet the movement snowballed. The movement woke up the spirit of human nature, the one that corporations had been so diligently lulling to sleep with their slogans and spokespersons. With the Civil Rights movement came the Peace Movement and a resurgence in the feminist movement. Then the unthinkable happened, President Kennedy made his famous speech and implored to the humanity in us all; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  And then he had the audacity to set up the Peace Corps, so that Americans could not just help their country, but also the people of other countries. (Yes, afterwards the CIA and others corrupted it) But, the final straw seems to be that President Kennedy refused to send the US into a war that he decided we could not win; not for lack of ability, yet, because those whose freedom we were supposed to secure, had no real desire to be free. As the saying goes, you cannot save people that do not want to be saved.
However, by luck or design, the three heroes of this awaking of the humanity in society, President Kennedy, his brother, Bobby, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. all met with untimely and violent deaths. The light of humanness dimmed and the war that couldn’t be won was fought and abandoned 10 years later. In that time their was still one keeper of light in the battle of good and evil, or corruption and honesty, that was the press. And that was what most people thought probably up to 9/11 and some still do. Yet, quietly and with the help of government, that should have prevented it as a violation of the First Amendment, tycoons were emerging within the news industry. As of today 6 corporations control over 90% of the media, that means that there is absolutely no independent and fair reporting taking place within this spectrum of journalism. And this 90% is also, working with the government to squash the less than 10% that is independent.  As for when the news media was firmly in the pocket of big business and government can be debated, I would say that it was completely controlled by the beginning of the wars in the Balkans, maybe even as early as the first Gulf War. But no doubt since the Balkans, there has not been any independent and fair and balance reporting of any world event by MSM.
It is of great shame that people are more concerned about Kim and Kanye getting married (who cares, it is publicity and nothing more, how they did it shows that), the latest criminal act by Justin Bieber (any parent who lets their daughter support this jerk and his career is telling their daughter that type of boy is good enough to take care of you one day, SHAME on parents for selling out daughters so cheaply), or the rantings of a complete and total jerk, that would currently be Donald Sterling (I will say again from what I heard of his comments, he isn’t a racist, he thinks EVERYONE is beneath him equally, he was being a controlling jerk of a boyfriend, nothing more), than they care about violence going on in Syria, or Libya or Ukraine, or the humanitarian disaster in the Balkans. And it is this shame that allows immorality, and corruption to live healthy and happy in our sacred halls of government.

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