Egypt’s Good So Let’s Arm Them

Really, just cause Egypt has been SO busy fighting among internal factions and has thus not violated its Treaty with Israel, we are going to start sending them military shipments again? Really, who decided that the Treaty was the best and ONLY measure to use to determine military shipments to a country that can’t keep a government in place for more than a year after ousting the lifetime dictator was sound logic? Oh, that’s right our lovely State Department!
Well we can take heart in the fact that our State Department has a stellar record in judging the short term actions of foreign entities. And the US has an even better record of picking ‘better’ sides in disputes in the internal conflicts of other countries. One need only look at Panama, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Iraq, El Salvador, to see how well we pick sides.
The US has a long history of intervening in the internal affairs of other countries, when the US chooses to intervene it is not in the context of moral obligations of the citizens in the said country, in some cases the resulting interference results in the daily situation in the said country being worse, or even much worse as in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan.  This is not referring to their current states which are not good by any means, but to their former. Yes, for those who missed it in history class, the US helped put Saddam in power in Iraq. A man who gassed not only his own people, which we did nothing about, but gassed the battlefield in his war with Iran, thus killing not only Iranian soldiers but also his own soldiers. And it was US intervention that put the Taliban in power in Afghanistan.
All intervention into Iraq was pushed for economic reasons and to the benefit of the US and her OPEC allies, whereas the mess we created in Afghanistan that led to 9/11 were merely the US keeping score against the Soviet Union. There was never any real interest in the actual welfare of the citizens of either country. And there is no real concern in the daily lives of the citizens of Egypt either; otherwise we would instead consider the safety and stability of the internal peoples and area of Egypt to determine whether Egypt should receive military shipments.
The US really needs to learn that it cannot buy loyalty, that the citizens and governments are not of the same model as American citizens. You cannot control them buy keeping them focused on money and ‘sparkleys’ and distracting them with misinformation and down right lies. Sure, they will take your money and your ‘sparkleys’; but they have learned the US game well… is all about ME, so there is no need for loyalty. The US only gets involved where there is a profit or benefit for them.
The world doesn’t hate the US cause they are jealous of the American way of life, the world hates the US cause from the other side it is very easy to see the hypocrisy of US foreign policy.

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