Obama Meant Making Public EVERYONE ELSE’S Skeletons

One of Obama’s loudest “Changes” he promised when he campaigned was transparency. What we have gotten is even more status quo than under the “tyranny of Bush”. Most government watch groups have come to the same conclusion, the current administration is the most secret we have had in memory. It seems that absolutely even the most general knowledge is classified due to National Security.
In order for any information to be made public under this administration it either requires a HUGE court battle or gained by ‘illegal’ means. Of course publicly everything is Bush’s fault or was an inherited mess from Bush. I wonder how many years Obama would have had to been POTUS before Bush was no longer responsible for the current situation. The sadder truth is that the American public has become so complacent that they allowed Obama’s excuses and passing the buck to be rewarded by a 2nd term.
Of course the American public has also allowed for a Congress that has not done their Constitutional duty for more years than we can remember to stay in office and in power. Then we complain about the economy not getting better, the tax burden getting worse, and yet we do not fix things. Still things get worse and when they get too bad it will be too late. There is too much affection between big business and government and not enough between government and the public.
I said before Obama became POTUS that he was ALL talk and I have to say on that he has not let me down at all. And that is a very sad fact. I do have to say that he has surprised me by how aggressively his administration has gone after whistle-blowers and charging more people with treason than ALL other presidents combined. Just as disturbing are the down-right totalitarian policies of spying on your cubical mate and even being held accountable if they show honor and courage by blowing the whistle and you didn’t squeal to the bosses before it happened. It appears that Mr. Obama and his advisers took Fahrenheit 451 and 1984 to heart as instruction manuals. They were supposed to be wake up calls for the public, maybe that is why they are not read anymore in lit classes in American High Schools. Of course today schools are just training facilities for conformity into a socialist totalitarian system run behind the scenes by big business.
It has become a concern for some in wondering just what it will take to wake the American people up and to get them to care; my concern is whether there will be anything left of the America that the world looked up to when that finally happens or will it really be too late.

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