Playing With Words To Strip Rights

Retired Justice Stevens is speaking up against the Right to Bear Arms. He is making his case sound rational and logical and uber-civilized by manipulating the spirit of the words within the 2nd Amendment. The words that he is focusing on are “well regulated militia” and he would also add more limitations to the Amendment, thus making it UNCONSTITUTIONAL in application. It is very apparent that Justice Stevens is either very idealistic and liberal in his point of view or is a complete tool for oppressive government. Which, matters not, as both are detrimental to individual rights of ALL citizens.
The basic premise, intended or not, by the retired Justice is that only persons that are loyal to the government and labeled as militia by the government (so basically each states’ National Guard) would be allowed to have weapons ONLY when performing their tasks as militia of the government. So Justice Stevens’ new 2nd Amendment would read:


While his proposal might sound perfectly civilized and acceptable to most upper-middle class suburbia, it is nailing shut the coffin lid on individual rights and freedom. Justice Stevens, effectively removes all ability of the citizenry to protect themselves from an oppressive government. I guess Justice Stevens has so focused on the Amendments that he has forgotten why the Bill of Rights were included in the Constitution from the start and were expected to be left completely and unequivocally intact.

If the Colonists had no weapons then we would still be declaring loyalty to the Queen and paying tithe to the Church of England. And that makes the death of EVERY Patriot from the Revolution to WWII in vain. And endangers ALL our individual rights. Think I am wrong; ask any dissident from the Soviet Block, better yet, ask anyone that has fled China, Cuba. The Soviet Union had a Constitution that on paper put the US one to shame, yet cause the public was unarmed and thus was NO threat to the government, big government I might add, it was just words on paper.
If you think that that could NEVER happen here, you are one of the ones that is supporting the gradual oppression of yourself and everyone else. Think about the logic, you fear criminals cause they are bad people and armed, yet you support the Government, that is run by less than honorable people who are armed. You have not really thought your logic and reasoning through.
Our Bill of Rights are a GIFT from our forefathers. And throwing it away for non-sense is throwing away everything that our forefathers sacrificed for us in hopes to ensure that we would never have to repeat their actions. Throw away our rights and you are setting us up to repeat history. Hence the basis for the saying; Those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it!

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