Step back and look carefully.

While it is VERY true that I am not a conspiracy theorist, I would not label those individuals as crazy, out of touch, or paranoid. Not everything they say is wrong; as the saying goes, ‘just cause I am paranoid, doesn’t mean I am wrong‘. Those words are very true. I also believe in 2 more important things:
1) that EVERYONE has the right to free speech, up to the point that it infringes on another’s rights,
2) that no matter how EXTREME the views of individuals might be, they are entitled to their point of view and they help to provide a broad dialogue on issues that should be important to all citizens.

So today, I would like to present a different view on certain statements that are being printed in the media and my opinion of said statements might seem logical or paranoid; but, hopefully, they will start a dialogue.
The government currently in power in Ukraine is a legitimate government. They were elected by the Parliament.’ Before the protests started, not one single leader of Western countries stated that the legally elected government of Ukraine was not legitimate. Matter of fact that government was recognized and conducted business like any other European country. In order to ensure peace and democracy, that government even offered to hold early elections to allow the protesters to change the government in power legally, the pro-West protesters continued their violence until they were in power by a vote under duress of what was left of the Parliament.
The people in power in Kiev have sanctioned/ordered “anti-terrorist” actions against pro-Russian protesters in Eastern Ukraine.’ Whereas the legitimate government was criticized as being brutal when it finally sanctioned appropriate force by police, the new power grabbers are being praised for being measured and restrained by using the military against its own citizens, whom are being called Russian spies.
The United States has not ended its Global War On Terror. Top on the terrorist enemy list is Al Qaeda and its off-shoots. It has been reported not just by media, even mega-corporate controlled western media, but also, by the various terror groups, themselves, that most of Al Qaeda’s off-shoots have sent fighters into Syria to remove the legitimate government of that country. The law of the land states that a traitor is any person that by any action supports or enables through any means the enemy of the state or provides comfort. Now this law is broad as it is expected to be applied with logic and reason based on the intent of those charged. That being said, the media has reported that the US is now directly and officially arming the rebels of Syria. Their supposed ‘get out of jail’ clause is that they are only arming moderate rebels, yet only a complete idiot or the most naive fool would believe that ONLY moderate rebels will have access to any items provided. Not to mention that arms and money and any other needed support has been provided indirectly via American allies in the region. Yet, not one person in the US government is being investigated for treason. It will be interesting to see how the government reacts if some independent journalist actually grows a pair and reports on US weapons being used against US soldiers in other areas of the world, like, maybe, Afghanistan! Which will be a very distinct possibility.
Again I say, if Pro-Russian protesters are equated with terrorists and professional terrorists that entered Syria solely for the purpose of overthrowing the legitimate government there are equated with rebels or freedom fighters how can any independent country in the world think that it can be independent in opinion and action, even internally, and not risk invasion directly or covertly by the US and EU!

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