Will the New Government Be Chastised for Deaths Inflicted

(don’t hold your breath)

The new government in Ukraine, conducted military operations against protestors that had taken over government buildings in the eastern Ukraine town of Kramatorsk. “They must be warned that if they do not lay down their arms, they will be destroyed,” General Vasily Krutov, first deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) told reporters, as cited by AFP. The general went on to state that the protesters were supported by hundreds of Russian soldiers. Those are very strong words for a government that has been commended by the West for being more democratic and patient and controlled in their response Pro-Russian protesters. Yet, not one word of restraint has been uttered by the west concerning the possible loss of life of protesters in eastern towns.

Photo Credit- Sergei Grits/AP

Ironically, the legitimately elected government of Ukraine; that, in response to Pro-EU protesters, agreed to early elections, the legal and proper thing to do to ensure legitimate and fair forming of a new government, was harshly criticized for using force against protesters after they used force and violence to gain control over government buildings in Kiev.  How the rule of hypocrisy does rule the day!
The Kiev military operations resulted in the rapid recapture of the airstrip, this mere fact disproves the Kiev claim that the Russian Army had a contingent of hundreds of troops in support of the protestors, had that in fact been the case, this conflict would not have gone so easily in favor of the government. However, mainstream media in the West will not point out the fact that is so obvious. In fact as this article is being written, AlJazeera is reporting that the US is praising the Kiev government for a ‘measured’ response, but that means congrats on only killing civilians and not losing any troops. How sad that the US considers the ‘Pro-Russian protesters’ in Ukraine to be classified as terrorists and the professional, life-time terrorists in Syria are rebels.
To bolster the Western support and possible future intervention in the Ukraine, the UN has released a statement that places total and complete blame on the Anti-West parties for spreading lies and propaganda to incite hatred and a false sense of insecurity towards the Russian minorities. Guess the UN workers that visited Ukraine, were not informed of the brutal treatment of those that did not support the Pro-EU protestors once the protestors replaced the legitimately elected government by force.

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