Changing Education in Serbia

As another condition to joining the sinking EU, Serbia needs to reform its education system. There are many countries that need to reform their education systems, some that are more ‘developed’ than Serbia. Part of the ‘issue’ seems to be that the best and brightest of Serbia’s students leave their home country to make it some where else. This basic premise seems to imply that Serbia’s education system isn’t maybe as ‘bad’ as the EU Commission makes it seem. It would actually seem that the greatest reforms should be in the economy and market place as well as in research and development to create an environment that allows for the best to stay home and make their mark on the world from Serbia.
As I said most education systems need to be reformed. Most of them no longer educate, instead they train children to grow into compliant obedient workers for mega-corporations.
This immoral mentality is destroying the culture of humanity. We are not robots. We are creative, curious, adventurous, explorers of the amazing, wonderful world around us. We should be teaching our children to cultivate those traits with respect and morals. Education systems should encourage and treasure the various talents of each and EVERY child. For it is in this manner that we can truly ensure that humanity retains its humanness. We are so focused on advancing our materialistic interests that we forget our cultural needs as well as losing our respect for our heritage, especially if it conflicts with the materialistic advance. This error will be more damaging than any other action by any group or disaster that could impact the planet. It is a complete and total disgrace that not only are we throwing away historical artifacts and locations, we are also not teaching students to value, understand or gain from the knowledge left us by our ancestors.
Serbia is a prime location for a REAL reform in education. Let’s start by showing the EU the door, minding our manners, of course. Then let’s preserve all the history and knowledge of Serbia, both her land and people. Then lets get innovative and motivated and use that rich treasure as our guide for the future. Let Serbia be a new example for how to get it right, how to balance materialistic advances with our humanness. It can be done, we can have both. We can treasure our past and our history and still take steps forward in the materialistic world. This is the perfect time for Serbia to break free embrace her independence and blaze her own path.

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