Man Gets ‘Civilized’

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-25 at 13.16.54OK so life got in the way of my writing last week; don’t you really dislike that when it happens, I know I do. That also means that my flow was seriously interrupted with mandatory writing assignments instead of my writing for pleasure and fun. But, with a little inspiration and guidance from a couple of my really awesome supporters, I am back. And I am excited to get back in my flow again. So I thought this might be a great time to maybe share part of my inspiration for this project.

I have always had a love for history. Maybe it was because history was important to the adults that were around me when I was little. Maybe it is because of my extreme curiosity. Or maybe it was that some of the things that my teachers stated as facts did not seem to add up or fit together nicely or logically. Whatever the reason or combination of reasons, here I am eyes deep in exploring and discovering as much of the truth of history as I can and sharing my journey with you. It is my wish that together we can discover the wonder that is our beginnings and journey from our current place in time and space all the way back to that wonder.

world-mapIf it took hundreds of millions of years to look anything similar to our current form and many millions more to learn to walk upright and these are scientific absolutes then how did civilizations like Ancient Egypt and Sumeria suddenly spring forth as fully functioning civilizations with language and writing and technology and religion and culture? It would stand to reason that while one advance can lead to the next advance, there is no logic that our ability to evolve, which scientists still tell us is an epic long steady process that once in a while can be jumped by a genetic mutation, suddenly became instantaneous about 5,000 – 6,000 years ago. A process that still seems to be at light speed compared to our ‘uncivilized’ growth.

neolithic pottery dalmatia 7200YAG via Phys orgHow is it that civilizations across the world, with no supposed connections, due to their primitive cultures and technologies, have similar ‘myths’ about world events from prehistoric times? Or that they use similar symbols on their pottery or rock painting or other artistic expressions. Anthropologists will tell you that it is just part of the natural process of cultural development. That statement seems to imply that we are identical in our thought process that we are not individual. It basically says that each individual human would reach the same conclusion and only that conclusion. If that is the case then it would make the study of anthropology kinda unnecessary since all cultures just follow a step by step map of cultural development without variation and cannot have any other truth that does not fit their mandated flow charts. It would also seem to demean our diversity of today. What if the truth were something very different?

whyWhy does there only have to be one place that man evolved? Why does there have to be only one way that man evolved? Why does there have to be only one migration pattern? Why does our history have to be only 5000 years old? Why does stone age man have to be ‘barbaric’ or ‘uncivilized’? What makes us superior to neanderthal? What makes us ‘civilized’? What makes us technologically advanced? It is my belief that our prehistoric ancestors have not been given their due. There are new discoveries that seem to support my opinion and pushes at the ‘facts’ of mainstream history and the approved ‘story of man’.

It is these questions and more that ignite my curiosity and fuel my desire to explore the stories and ‘facts’ and attempt to decipher the truth from the misconceptions. I hope that you enjoy the journey as much as I do.

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