US One Step Closer To Ukraine

President Obama stated yesterday, in his address on the Ukrainian Crisis, that the US was imposing sanctions on several high -ranking Russian officials as well as ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Konstantinov of the Crimean Parliament and Viktor Medvedchuk of Ukrainian Choice. So basically, everyone that isn’t supporting the American view of what is right for Ukraine. It is a fact that Crimea is ethnically Russian with very strong ties to Russia. It is very natural for those with Russian heritage and contacts to be concerned with the very anti-Russian rhetoric coming out of the “new” government in Kiev. There have been concerns that some of the groups that make up the new leadership contains those with neo-Nazi ideas, this mere suggestion instead of being properly investigated and then with sourced and verified information refuted, has been buried under all the Russian/Putin imperialistic accusations. While I am not denying any such motive on Putin’s part; he is a very ambitious man with a real desire to see Russia increase her international presence. That is not anything different than any other world leader. That is how world leaders become world leaders.
In this instance there is the fact that Russia is certainly more justified to be involved in Ukraine than the US or even NATO. The first is that Ukraine boarders Russia; second Russia has military interest in Crimea; third there is a strong Russian populace in Crimea that feels insecure with Kiev.
Ironic that it was okay for Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia to succeed from Yugoslavia over ‘ethnic’ differences, but it isn’t okay for Crimea to succeed over basically the same issue. The major difference being that Crimea isn’t seeking NATO protection, it is seeking Russian protection and that cannot be allowed.
Ironic the same supporters of the ‘elections’ in the Balkan break away states now consider elections in Crimea illegal and unfair, carried out under the duress of the alleged presence of armed “Russian soldiers” “on every corner”. Where was the out cry for armed men in black on every corner in Bosnia and Kosovo? How can any armed person be a Russian soldier in Crimea, yet the same individuals in the Balkans were “freedom fighters”? How is it that persons in the streets for any reason in Crimea are said to be outsiders from Russia, yet it is NEVER mentioned that a majority of the “freedom fighters” in the breakaway Balkan states were outside terrorists that had previous military training and experience?

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