Americans, Slaves to Political Correctness

Americans have become so enslaved by political correctness that they will not speak the truth at any cost. That fact will be the final destruction of American society. The willingness by a whole people to shun the truth for illusion, image and political correctness is the greatest tragedy that any society can self-inflict. There were times in the past that valued an individual’s character and integrity. Good people conducted themselves with self-respect and dignity. They, also, treated others with respect. When a person’s character and integrity matter, there was an understanding of personal responsibility and accountability as well. Somewhere in the last several decades the concept was not only presented, but somehow became the foundation of societal behavior that someone else was responsible for our short comings, our bad decisions, as well as, our safety and security and well being. This concept is completely absurd, however it makes a great environment for the clever deceivers to gain power and distract the masses through the focus on such trivial issues as the color of skin or the religions that are practiced so that individual liberties are willingly given up by the public.
This can be seen in every aspect of our life. An individual arms himself and enters a public building and commits murder and suddenly for our safety we are told to prevent this we need to attack gun owners and remove guns from society. We do not say, we need to hold the individual accountable for his actions. If an underage driver is killed in a drunk driving accident we want to increase the drinking age, we do not say, where were the parents that they did not raise their child to respect laws or to make the choice to not drink and drive. The most common answer given by parents after their child commits some horrible crime or makes a poor choice that leads to a horrendous tragedy is “I didn’t know” or “It had to be someone else’s fault, my child would never do that on their own” Yet the truth is that most parents are so involved in their own lives and their own pursuits of material wealth and gain that they have not cultivated real relationships with their children, in fact most members of society do not have more than maybe ONE real relationship in their whole of all interactions with all others in their entire lives. In addition their own desire to secure and protect their image and delusions are to demand that others be blamed for their child’s actions.
Another error common with these same parents is that when their child gets in minor or mild trouble, they do everything they can to prevent their child from suffering consequences or stepping up and being responsible for their actions. Thus the child grows up without any real understanding of either sympathy or empathy for the ripple effect of their negative actions and believing that they are entitled to get off easy and that privileges are in fact rights. This error in thought and conduct creates the opportunity for government to have a basis for dictating more and more of their behavior “for security and peace.” There is absolutely no reason at all for any government or the public of any society to write common sense in laws. This is a waste of time, energy, money, judicial and social focus. If members of society are so berate of common sense that they need laws to keep them safe from life and desire such laws then maybe the role that individual plays in society should be reviewed. And you can be sure that if as a whole the public shows that it is not capable of making simple daily decisions without government interference the rest of our delusional rights will be removed in short order. There has been the mention of the Cold War in the news recently, most people have forgotten that time, the difference if that mentality resumes is that the West will no longer be the side of individual liberty and freedoms.

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