Where has real news gone?

This past week the news has reported on a substitute teacher being arrested for DUI in Oklahoma and an elderly man taking home the wrong student from a school in Connecticut, not to mention updates on plea deal offered for Bieber and issues with Katy Perry’s accessories in a music video……..
Really??? This is the best that you can do???? How does national news channels justify that the whole nation needs to know that some drunk was arrested in the school parking lot in Oklahoma? Where is the story there? There are thousands of drunks arrested everyday, a lot of them are headed to work, some as healthcare providers and others in fields that help protect our weakest citizens. If we covered every arrest we would know absolutely nothing of real importance in the world. While these stories might be important to the parents of said schools, they have absolutely NO impact on the nation as a whole.
The intentional distraction of the American public with stupid, needless nonsense to facilitate the abuse of power prevalent in the current and recent administrations as well as the reality that big business and government are allies without regard for the public is only magnified by the fact that 6 mega-news corporations control over 75% of the news in the nation as well as in the world. Comcast and Time Warner will merge to create a basic national monopoly in the cable/internet provider sector and there is not a single outraged government voice yelling about anti-trust laws and the courts are not going to consider the merger illegal under monopoly regulations.
Our schools no longer educate our youth, instead they teach conformity and rule following without questions. They insist on our children being tattle tells and whiners instead of teaching them to solve issues and problems on their own or to be responsible for their own actions or heaven forbid to stand up for themselves. Teachers whom actually teach the Constitution as the living framework of our nation instead of some historical document with no current applications, are disciplined and risk losing their career. This mentality is evident across all areas of government control. Just look at our healthcare system, it is big business and government that is telling doctors what and how to treat patients instead of doctors working with their patients to encourage healthier lifestyles. There is no profit in healthier lifestyles that compares to the profit of chemical masking of increased poisoning of the body so that more chemicals are need to mask the harmful effects of the first chemicals that merely masked the symptoms so that the patient would require the continued ingesting of said chemicals to believe the lie of improved health.
Big business is so in control of the politicians that they can insure their profit margins simply by requiring laws that demand their products be purchased by private citizens. Our forefathers would be so disappointed in the state of the nation that they would lead another revolution. They never intended for government to intervene SO much in private affairs of men, that was the whole reason this country was founded, to PREVENT government’s interference in the private affairs of men.
The first amendment we created to ensure the integrity of men and journalists among other things. Yet, today there is NO integrity within the newsrooms of the nations. They are controlled and run by big business, in order to promote the propaganda that they wish to ensure the conformity they require to maintain their profit margins and way of life. The fact that ordinary citizens seem to think this is a good idea, proves just how successful the socialist mentality of the education system has become.
This current state of affairs will be the undoing of this nation. And the undoing will come sooner rather than later. There is no one to blame but the everyday individual American citizen for not loving the nation handed them by their forefathers to insure that it remains for future generations. The country is less secure, not more secure; the individual is less intelligent and educated, not more civilized or advanced; the world is on the brink of major change, not steadily moving forward to some illusion of unity and peace.
There is still time to change the course of history, but only if you stop deluding yourself that actors, singers, and reality TV are in fact REAL and instead remember that your children, your neighbor, your community are what is truly real. Make no mistake this is not something that you can put off until you decide to get around to it…..time will come, when it is too late.

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