I Try

It starts as just a feeling,
Just this faint little nag,
A little shadow in the back of my mind
It sits and waits

It waits for the sun to rise and fall,
Then in the dark it grows
Just a little at first
Just a whisper, a wonder

It waits for the silence to show
It knows that silence echos the whisper
It sends the whisper to fill the silence
Just a thought, a question

I try to ignore the rise and fall of the sun
I try to encourage the voices in my head
To keep out the silence
To drown the whisper

I repeat words heard
I whisper wishes in the dark
I grab emotions to hold tight
I beg for what I need most

I sit and wait
I wonder and think
I converse with the voices in my head
I imagine a different day

Rise and Fall
Step Forward
Step Backwards
Fall Down and Stand Back Up


Photo byΒ Sasha FreemindΒ onΒ Unsplash

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