Ukraine; One Bad Extreme Is Better Than Bad Memories?

Protests continue in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. The public seems to think that they have only 2 options for their future; Russia or the EU. Maybe the people of Ukraine should decide instead of demanding the government to stop being sheep for the Russians and instead be sheep for the EU they should ask their government to be lions for the people of Ukraine.
A nation does not need to be listed in the rolls of the European Union to be European. Being European cannot be given or taken away by the whims of Brussels. Not to mention that looking at how being European has worked out for Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, and how thin the ice is getting in Italy, Spain and Slovenia.
Ukrainians need to look at the whole picture and figure out for themselves how to walk their own path. The European Union is not out for all the citizens of Europe, they are only out for themselves. If Ukrainians think their politicians are not out for their best interests, and that is probably accurate; why would politicians in Brussels give a damn about the other 99% in Ukraine.
Here is a thought, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and other regional states should develop their own loose confederation and stand on their own. They should hold dearly to the independence that they have fought so hard to have over the last century. They should work for their own improvement and benefit. There are many opportunities for smaller independent nations to walk their own path and show their true strength and pride. But, this path takes courage and innovation and drive and motivation and focus. It can be achieved and the rewards can be monumental.



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