The darkness moves in,
The darkness surrounds,
The darkness envelopes,
The darkness conquers.

The silence falls,
It covers everything,
The silence grows,
It pushes out all sound.

The darkness beckons the silence,
It bids her enter for the season,
The darkness shelters the silence,
It wraps her in solitude and doubt.

The silence cries out,
Searching every corner,
Tracing every wall,
Wishing waiting wanting.

The darkness takes,
It pulls from deep within,
The darkness steals,
Leaving her hungry and thirsty.

The silence surrenders,
No more tears
No more dreams
No more wishes

Darkness takes her
Silence gives
Darkness consumes her
Silence relinquishes

The union made,
The joining complete,
The surrender final,
It is done.


We all have those moments when the darkness takes over and the silence remains… being consumed by them at times may give you some comfort at a weird level… but as long as there is love… next day always seems brighter or at least when you hear that voice… the amount of love i have inside is sufficient to keep you warm and happy for the rest of our lives. (19.12.13)

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