Quality Instead of Quantity

I prefer quality over quantity,
I must love that fatal injury,
When you have quantity –
You have so much of little impact,
A loss while initially stinging –
Is only momentarily felt,
For tomorrow it is replaced by another.

Ah! But quality lost is fatal,
Without death.
When you find something worthy,
Something that shines and sparkles,
And the glow blinds you,
When you treasure it,
Admire it, desire it-
It becomes a part of you.

If your treasure is damaged,
You are equally injured.
If your treasure is out of sight,
You are alone and adrift.

When your treasure leaves,
It isn’t just a flesh wound.
No, when you lose your treasure,
You are eviserated.
You are torn open with gaping gashes,
The bleeding is immense.
Your whole being is submerged,
Yet, you will not drown.

You go blind, you are deaf,
You starve, you thirst.
You wander alone lost
In the dark.
You beg, scream, cry
For the end, that never comes.

That is quality.

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