Oh, It’s That Time Of Year Again

The government shut down scare is almost more regular than the arrival of Santa Claus. It is a sad state of affairs when society accepts as the status quo elected officials whom year after year fail to do their job, yet increase their own salaries and benefits. The 27th Amendment insures that even during a government shut down that will shut down absolutely vital areas of government, Congress will still receive their compensation. Should it be an accepted defense for criminals that it was the victims’ fault for having nicer things or more money or driving nice car or some other absurd rational for committing thief, larceny or robbery. Politicians use much more ridiculous excuses everyday for not doing their jobs and thus robbing the American public of their hard earned tax dollars. If politicians put half as much effort into doing their jobs as they do into spinning the excuses for failing at their jobs we would have the most prosperous country in the world, with the best education system and fastest growing economy ensuring the best quality of life for ALL members of society.
The politicians should change how they determine the value of the bills that they pass. They have incredible salary and benefits packages with high quality pension and healthcare. When Obamacare was first proposed in its mostly current form, to prove a point, a republican senator proposed a bill that would require ALL members of congress to use the Obamacare for their own healthcare. It was totally voted DOWN! But the American public is accepting Obamacare as a wonderful improvement even though those that wrote the provisions will not use them themselves. And the public accepts this as if it is worthy of the public.
This shows just how much respect and dignity has been lost in society as a whole in the last 50 or so years. We do not treat others with dignity or respect and we accept that others do not treat us with dignity or respect. We do not want to work honestly for anything, we believe that we are entitled to the best of material things and think that those material things make us better. We do not know the difference between character and reputation, nor between honor and rhetoric. We place more value in what is said than in what is done. We do not accept responsibilities for our actions and we do not place responsibility on the individual for their actions instead we blame “things” like the weapons they used or the movies they watched or the games they played, why not the news they watch???? At least in the video games if you screw up your virtual character dies. Oh sure you will respawn or can just restart your level, but you will have to play the map all over again or at least from your last check-point. And that much is more answering for actions than elected officials face in this country.

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