Navy Yard Shooting Exposes Real Government Failing

What happened yesterday at the Naval Yard, should not be reason for more control. It should be an argument for the fact that had military personnel, which are properly trained in the handling of firearms, been armed they would have been in a position to prevent the event or severely limit the amount of damage that was done. Why were these military personnel not armed on a military installation? The answer is that then President Clinton issued an Executive Order that prohibited the carrying of firearms by trained military personnel on military installations.
With this decision there is NO common sense allowed to react to events. Think about this; logically if you are one person with even a couple of firearms and even of questionable mental capacity, you would think twice about walking into any area where most or all others are not only armed but are also well trained and experienced with defending themselves and others.
However, there is absolutely NO logical or rational justification for Clinton’s Executive Order, it was all “Political Correctness” to make military installations less intimidating and to have them appear more like regular government facilities instead of the home of our defense and security for our nation as a whole.
This “Political Correctness” movement has completely and totally destroyed the forward progress of not only the Civil Rights Movement but other progressive seeking societal forward steps as well. The government uses political correctness as a way to point out our differences and create false fears based on the differences and to convince us that we see only the differences and not our similarities. It is a simple divide and conquer tactic to keep the whole public distracted so that there is no real effort to keep the government in check. The only way to keep any government honest and in the service of the society is for the society to insist through constant vigilance of and participation with the actions of the government and those elected officials that are to serve us.
The responsibility of citizens of the society are not limited to showing up to the election booth on election days. It the responsibility of citizens to be engaged and informed and knowledgeable of all actions of the government that affect them. You cannot keep your proverbial head in the sand and then wonder how the country fell apart. Complacency is the greatest aid to corruption and misuse of power and the usurping of the leaders for perverse ends. That puts the prevention and the solution solely and completely in the hands of the society.
Expecting the corrupt leaders to end corruption and reform the system or to work for unity over division is akin to expecting the criminals to guard the prisons or the drug addicts to man the pharmacy. Rarely do those individuals that have benefited greatly from their immoral or illegal acts suddenly become honorable and clean up their own disasters.

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