My Dearest Darling Love,

Today I proclaim my love for you.  Heaven is not sweeter than my joy in your presence. Indeed, happiness is flowing freely like rivers of honey. Shinning brighter than the brightest stars in the darkest night is your smile. Keeping watch over me like a champion of ode. I have never been more loved than I am by you. Secrets we keep from the world in our hearts. Secrets we share between each other in the dark. Illusions do not distract us. Seeing the truth in each heart keeps us free. Finding hope within our dreams protected by the other. Ought the world be ours to relish. Rich in adventure and wonder for our pleasure. This path we travel together is our proper path. Holding our own against all odds. Edging out all the doubts of the past, falsely held. Before you everything else has faded from sight. Every other is not even a shadow of a memory under your gaze. Sleep is peaceful and splendid in your arms. Teaching me the wonder that is love and truth is your greatest gift to me. Maybe, just maybe one day I can be for you half of what you are for me. All that is good and wonderful and amazing I find within you. No amount of doubt can cease my love for you. I do love you. Never would I want to be without you in my life. The day would never dawn from the darkest night. Hope would cease to be familiar to me. Every dream would die in sleeplessness. Without you there would be no color. Only shades of gray turning our VanGough world bleak. Rain pouring down, no those are only my tears falling without end. Losing you would be losing me. Doubt me not when I say that you are my breath and beat of my heart.

I love you always.

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