Don’t Do It Syria

I do not think that Syria should give up one weapon of any kind. Giving up a weapon is akin to giving up sovereignty. No country should give up one percent of its sovereignty that limits their independence and weakens their stance on the global playing field. The idea that the “world” is still supporting the ‘rebels’ in Syria against the government is totally and completely absurd and shows that the world population is not only ignorant to the repercussions of such actions but is guilty of destroying a sovereign nation by complacency.
If you look at the time line of events you see a completely contradictory version that what the US and allies is stating publicly and is being supported by all major media outlets in the west. There were supposed to be talks long ago to reach a diplomatic solution to the situation; the Syrian government agreed to these talks, it was the “rebels” that rejected attending these talks. It was Syrian “rebels” were found with chemical weapons in their possession in Turkey in May. It is the “rebels” that are killing Christians. It is the “rebels” that are supported by and members of groups that the western powers have labeled as “terrorists” and while we are screaming the need to support these “rebels” in Syria, they are the same combatants that the soldiers are fighting in other places.
How is this even possible? Cause the public is too consumed about their own petty little issues to pay any attention to real issues that are destroying our world and numerous societies around the world. The media is pitching the propaganda of the politicians and not doing their job of informing the public of truth and facts. Masses are too busy consuming products instead of valuing life and lives. Public education teaches conformity and repetition, not thinking and inquiring.
We claim that we are evolved and civilized and tolerant and peaceful more so than anytime in history. But we identify people by how they are different than us, we focus on the division betwixt groups, we encourage labeling and naming. This is not evolution or civilized behavior. The fundamental flaw with our tolerant attitude is that the definition of tolerance informs that there is an existing hatred or dislike. These are ALL illusions. There is no truth in this evolution. There is no civilization in hate. There will be no peace until their is a complete and total revolution.

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