We Made The Red-Line So It Could Be Crossed

Early in the midst of the Syrian conflict, when asked about the US getting involved, the government officially stated that the “use of chemical weapons” would be a game changer. If you think about that comment, that is a really interesting “Red-Line”. There was no mention of the things that usually occur in these situations, like the death of innocent civilians, the violation of human rights, or the standing down by the military leaders instead of carrying out immoral acts; chemical weapon use was not a red line in Libya or Egypt or anywhere else in recent history. Yet, for Syria it is the “game changer”.  This should have raised a Red Flag about intentions already in place behind closed doors of Western governments.
For those of you with short term memory, but long term memory loss, let me remind you of one of the possible scenarios for the WMDs that were not found in Iraq after the invasion; there were reports that since Iraq and Syria were allies, both ruled by members of each country’s Bath party, that Hussein’s people moved supplies of WMDs across the border into Syria, it was also suggested that the final destination of these weapons was Russia. I think we can consider these reports to be the prologue for now. No, I am not specifically saying that today’s troubles were planned 10 years ago, however, I think it was one of those moves to be banked and saved for a future rainy day.
Hence, the current paradigm where suddenly we have a “Red Line” “Game Changer” in the form of chemical weapons attack. Interesting little fact that was not well reported in May, at least not in western media, was the confiscation of sarin gas in Turkey, in the possession of Syrian rebels, whom were members of Al-Nursa Front. Yet, western main stream media not only ignored this event, they have implied again and again that the rebels would have NO WAY of acquiring chemical weapons; therefore, the only party that could use such devices would be the Syrian government. It has been ignored and forgotten that when the first “chemical weapons attacks” occurred earlier this year, it was the Syrian government that invited the UN Investigators in to document the source and perpetrators of the crime. And lets not forget that one of the foremost UN Investigators stated that the evidence suggested it was indeed the rebels whom probably used the chemical weapons and not the Syrian government. Fast forward to the latest attack last week, the powers at be that want an escalation have gotten their wish. Therefore, even in light of previous information Sec. John Kerry in his public statement yesterday basically acted as judge and jury against the Syrian government; as well as, daring anyone that would question the US government’s charges to be without logic, intelligence or common sense, not to mention a complete lack of heart and or moral compass. As Sec. Kerry continued, the obvious reasoning was that ONLY the Syrian government would be so cruel as to kill women and children; yes, there has never been a report of extremist militants or suicide bombers ever killing innocent civilians or women or children. Nor has there ever been one side in history that has ever committed a little evil for the greater good of their cause. In this case, rebels actually could have committed the chemical attack in an area that was both close to Syrian government control, as well as, close enough to the operations of Doctors Without Borders, as to have ‘innocent 3rd party’ confirmation of the attack on civilians by the government.
Currently, the US, UK and France are chest-thumping and posturing for military intervention in Syria after a “blatant chemical attacked carried out by the Al-Assad regime”; without any real proof and widely varied reports as to just how many “innocent civilians” were killed or injured. Some outside reports state that “dozens” were killed while various “rebel” groups put the numbers in the hundreds to even over 1000. And the fact that UN Inspectors were delayed getting into the area, by the government, even though the area was controlled by the rebels, supposedly  further implies the absolute guilt of the government. On the other side of that coin, all of the western powers that are making all the accusations are in very close contact with the rebels, yet there was no effort or act on the side of the rebels to step forward and offer protection for the UN Inspectors or agreement to clear the area making it safe for their investigation. This speaks of the same type of violent and destructive “cover-up” of evidence that would prevent the showing of a truth that cannot see the light of day in the near future, as we have seen before. This same awful cover-up took place in Iraq with the mass looting that was not prevented after the initial fall of the regime there. People think it was a callus approach by the US Army or just disorganization, but neither is true; it was the methodical destruction of paper and other evidence that would have shown that several European governments ignored the UN mandates and still conducted, not just business with the Iraq government, but military and highly specialized scientific and technological endeavors.
In addition to the afore mentioned propaganda for military intervention, Sen. McCain and Graham released a joint statement supporting military intervention. McCain was also noted as stating that this was Obama’s fault by not doing anything after the first “chemical attacks”. The actions by McCain, as well as his remarks, show that his position and moral compass has changed greatly in the past decades. It is greatly disturbing that our leadership with such experience as McCain would be so naive about whom he is wanting the US to get in bed with as well as, whom he thinks are viable bodies for the US to back and support in the conflict. Sen. Graham’s hard line stance against Syria is no surprise at all. Graham’s position has always been to attack any opposition to the US. His actions and remarks have always been harsh and without any regard for any descent of American policy. Distracting the American public with an escalation of the Syrian conflict will take the heat off the politicians and the President for not accomplishing their Constitutional duties, like reaching an agreement on a budget, resolving economic and internal issues and improving the quality of life for the majority of the American public.
It is a shame that the Syrian country and people have to be the sacrifice for Western politicians that are not taking care of issues at home.

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