Government Taking the Humanity Out Of Humans

It seems that everyday you can find a report where the government is either punishing Good Samaritans or encouraging division and hatred and violence, while claiming the opposite. Every crime that is committed between individuals that can be labeled as being of different races is fodder for keeping the masses fearing and avoiding each other.
Every crime should be treated as one or more humans injuring one or more other humans. That should be the end of the issue, each crime should be treated individually as the crime that it is. Does this mean that I do not believe in hate crimes or in the pure hate of people; No, I know that hate exists in the hearts of those that have not found real love, in those that live in ignorance and full of fear. I know that those that are afraid of others for things such as the color of their skin or the language they speak or the religion they practice is not based on real facts.
When you accept others platforms of hate, even if they are the violent acts of the hate, you are giving them power that they do not deserve.
When you allow that a person committed a crime because they are a certain “type” and their victim was a different “type,” what you have done is to give their ill-gotten “cause” substance that it does not deserve. And when we allow the government to point out the differences between us we are agreeing that we prefer hate and oppression to love and freedom. This is why we have such chronic issues in our society. En mass we accept that people hate, that people are different, that people are violent, that people are many groups instead of one group.
The largest of the cancers rotting our society while the masses are distracted with non-issues, is the actions of the government to limit our freedoms and restrict our rights. One of the most widely used tools to limit our freedom and rights is the required “permits” needed for almost every activity in basically every city, town, village or community in the country. Requiring permits gives the government control over what descent and how much descent is voiced. It also gives the government control over how much unity is created between the masses as well. You might think that sounds crazy; but, when you have to have permits and permission to play sports in parks or to help your fellow man then it is obvious that the control to limit how much unity we have in our society is of grave concern for our government and should offend and insult every member of society.
If we, as a whole people, would stand together then we would be stronger and more powerful than the government. And with that power we could right most if not all the wrongs we currently accept as unsolvable. Then the possibilities of what we could accomplish as the human race would be greatly expanded.
Photo by McKenna Phillips on Unsplash

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