Ignored Warnings

Mr. Orwell warned us decades ago that we should always be vigilant, else the government would be ursurped by those with without moral compasses, that if we as a society stopped thinking for ourselves and speaking up when wrong was committed then we would lose our independence and freedom. The signs are everywhere, yet the masses seem to be totally clueless. The signs are all around us…all you need do is to open your eyes and look. From such simple things as school uniforms, to whistle-blowers being charged and labeled as traitors.
Now if you do not see the connection between school uniforms and big brother, let me illustrate; when you require children to conform to what the institution deems correct thinking then they limit descent among the masses. The “school uniforms” have gone so far as to limit hair color and styles allowed, to even what names are appropriate for school. You might say what is the big deal……these little rules crush independent thought and expression, that is the BIG DEAL!
When our children are punished for their imagination and curiosity and for being children we have reached the bottom.
We have children that must have their “thoughts and words” approved before graduation speeches, that is absurd!
We have children that are threatened with expulsion for dying their hair, that is absurd! We have children that are told that “men don’t wear skirts”, idiots do not even know what kilts are, that is absurd!
The official statement is that all the above “bad things” prevent children from learning, they disrupt the classroom and learning experience. My retort would be what learning experience? Children are not educated in public schools; everything they are taught is focused on one thing…..taking annual standardized tests.
They are not taught to think, that is a bad thing.
They are not taught to explore, that is a bad thing.
They are not taught to question, that is a really bad thing.
Teachers are punished for teaching things like the 5th Amendment. Children are punished when parents speak out. The information that is published “as fact” in school textbooks is not totally accurate nor is it complete, in some cases what is published it completely wrong. Most teachers are not learned in the subjects they teach, instead they have degrees in “how to teach.” That has always confused me, if you do not know a subject, if you are not learned in a subject, how can you instruct that subject.  Of course again we are training compliant masses not independent thinking citizens. So the less students know the better the establishment is.
And if you manage to get through the public education system with a free-thinking working brain, you will be punished. That will be for certain if you speak out against the government. If you do not agree, just look at the 8 individuals that have been charged with crimes for nothing more than speaking out. I do have to commend the Military Judge for not convicting PFC Manning with Aiding the Enemy; that charge had been a reach from the start. To have found Manning guilty of that charge would have made every Special Ops soldier that has been sent to any country recently to aid “rebels” in their uprisings subject to the same charge and would have basically demanded their conviction. We know for a fact that ALL aid that this government sends to Syrian Rebels is in fact reaching named terrorist enemies of not only the US, but also the EU and Russia as well as many other countries around the world. And I am sure that we will NEVER see one of those men charged with Aiding the Enemy, and for following orders sanctioned by the Commander in Chief, they shouldn’t be, however there are provisions under UCMJ that not only allow for soldiers to disobey immoral or criminal orders, but encourage such action. To bad those provisions are merely words in the regs and not practiced behavior of our officers and enlisted military personnel. The intimidation factor in place presently is merely to ensure that most people DO NOT speak out for fear of losing EVERYTHING. And if you do speak up as in the case of Edward SNOWDEN, not only will they go after you, the institution will threaten those countries that do not bow to their demands. These actions are not the actions of ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave!’

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