Violent Video Games Is Not The Issue

video game screenshotLack of leadership and interaction is the real issue. Every time there is some act of horrendous violence the media and politicians and “experts” scream that there is some outside influence, usually violent video games or movies are the named culprit; but they are merely scapegoats. The real issue is more complex and passes closer to the accused in these situations than music or movies or video games. The origin of the issue is big business, now you might be thinking well big business that is music, movies and video games, but this big business is pre-modern violent influence, as defined by today’s experts. Why as defined by ‘today’s experts’, history shows that warriors and battle glory have always been part of our stories, songs and play; yet mass violence is a recent issue.
How is it that I state big business as the origin of this issue, greed….the motivation with ALL big business is ALWAYS greed. It might sound somewhat hypocritical for me to say that nouveau big- business is more culpable than old big business. But it will make sense as I explain my position. As big business grew greedier and could no longer rob their workers of fair wages and treatment they exacted their revenge on the consumer. With the on set of innovation in communications, especially mass media outlets, and the prosperity enjoyed after WWII combined with the independence women experience with the shortage of males for the work-force during the war; big-business had a great opportunity to exploit the consumer for some if not all the profit lost with better labor laws enforced. Marketing became a multi-million dollar job and convinced families that they needed shinier cars, bigger houses, and more gadgets, that truly do not improve our quality of lives regardless of what the ads tell you.
Marketing shifted the measure of success from how you lived your life and raised your children or participated in the community to how big your house was, how new your car was, how many gadgets you had in your house. In short the measure of a man became the bottom line of his “image” (which usually never matches his true bottom line) rather than the character of the man and his actions. In order to increase the “success” of said man, he had to work more and eventually his wife also needed to work as well. As this change occurred another change occurred within society as well, our choices about life revolved around this new measure of success and not about values or happiness or bettering the world.
Nemo vir est qui mundum non reddat meliorem
Most men have no idea what the above quote states, much less what it means, so far have we come from internal to external value.
The real crime with this is our loss of leadership and example for our children as they grow up. For most children they are in the hands of others from a mere few weeks of age. There is not someone who truly loves them to teach them and guide them and show them how to grow into people of humanity. When children act out, they are screaming for real love, loving action, loving attention; how do adults react? they reply with why are you being so ungrateful you have an iPod, iPhone, XBox, new shoes, new clothes, blah blah blah. And this is the child’s experience in every aspect of their life… their daycare and later in school they are 1 of up to 50 kids vying for the attention of 1 teacher, whom in most cases doesn’t even like children much less love the privilege of helping to mold and shape little minds into amazing, creative, soulful adults that could be a positive influence in the world.
teacher-with-kids-school_97632-630Most teachers like the hours and the job security. However, this is not a bash on teachers per say as I believe they are almost as much victims of big-business as children are. Teachers used to spend real time with children, they knew their students, they expected kids to be kids, full of energy and curiosity, little sponges ready to soak up all the information that you could pour into them. Now teachers are the bottom of the food chain in the education system, which should be totally destroyed and rebuilt, but that is another post for another time. Kids that act like kids are labeled as trouble and are drugged. Kids that have no desire or no true ability to be doctors or lawyers or some other “high paying” profession are considered unsuccessful or lazy or worse a failure. This is WRONG!
Big-business bought politicians and political parties to ensure that their profit lines are protected. Greed entered politics on a whole new level and merged into a true hydra for the detriment of humanity and the world. What is good for big-business and government are people that are controlled by them. What is good for humanity is teaching each child that they are the hope and wonder and joy of tomorrow. That they are unique and special and it is that uniqueness and specialness that makes them valuable.
When young adults commit horrendous acts of violence it is because when they whispered, no one listened to them, when they spoke they were told not now I’m busy, when they cried they were told all the “things” they had and are criticized for being thoughtless or disrespectful or selfish (how dare our children want our love and time and attention and affection), when they screamed out they were labeled and medicated, so what choice did they have other than to commit horrendous acts of violence.

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