Hypocrisy; The US Foreign Policy Maker

obama political cartoonAnother example of how the US government takes advantage of the short memory of the American public is the hypocrisy that is US foreign policy. The US government makes all number of public statements about their stance on events around the world that are claimed to be based on honor and the pursuit of freedom. Yet, one only needs to look at the history of US action in the world to see that what is said publicly and what is done clandestinely are polar opposite.
The official policy of the American government is to never deal with terrorism; is to support the growth of democracy in all areas of the world; to provide support and aid to help improve the lives of the poorest countries and peoples. With the exception to the first part listed most of the policy is left over from the cold war. What is not stated is that the government did not care about the democracy or honesty of the countries that they supported, what they cared about was that the leaders gave their allegiance to the US and not the Soviet Union. To prove the point, one only needs to look at recent history of revolutions and coups and sanctions to see the proof. The US trained Noriega and assisted his rise to power in Panama, only to invade the country and take him into custody under drug charges. The US trained and supported rebels in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras and when one the revolutions failed or ended they moved rebels to the US and introduced to the public MS13 the most violent latin gang in the country. The US trained and supported the rise of Saddam Hussein in Iraq and unless you have been traveling in deep space you know the outcome. The US supported the KLA (Albanian Paramilitary Group that was another Narco-Terrorism Entity) in the separation of Kosovo from FRY. Bin Laden and other individuals that became top leaders in Al Queda were also trained by the US to support their resistance of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, after the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan these “rebels” fought in multiple civil wars around the world and built up empires funded by all means of illegal operations. Some of these civil wars that these US trained freedom fighters participated in, include but are not limited to; Bosnia, Somalia, Chad, Congo, Georgia,ย Chechnya, Libya, Egypt and Syria.
The US states in its press release that it will not support or work with terrorists or negotiate with terrorists, yet we are sending weapons, supplies and funds to terror groups around the world that will use those weapons and training on American people and targets. It is not America’s right to impose their way on the WHOLE world. It is ALL peoples duty to ensure that all other peoples are treated fairly and justly.

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