Infotainment kills real news

Today RT did a piece onย the news media, and it was spot on. We may want to talk about FOX being extreme right or MSNBC being extreme left but the point is that neither nor the others really do the job they proclaim to. A prime example is presented everyday when you look at the “Top Headlines” on any of the search engine pages. Today on Google the Top Story is still about Trevon Martin and George Zimmerman; on Yahoo, it is that Kris Jenner is annoyed that Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are not getting married, and the Royal Baby Watch; on Ask news it is Zimmerman and the Glee actor’s death; Bing does at least start off with Detroit being bankrupt; on BBC it is Detroit Bankruptcy and the Boston Bomber photos…which is a stretch to consider it really news about the event itself. I think I have proven my point, it takes a lot of effort on the part of a concerned individual to seek out articles about real news events.
But finding the articles on real news worthy events is just the first challenge. The second challenge is finding the facts and the truth hidden in all the slanted versions of the tellings to promote the opinions of the media outlet. So what happened? Where did honest reporters go? Where did the trust go? Where did the desire for knowledge go? The answer is simple… was stolen.
news boxesYes, I said it was stolen, big business stole it for ratings and profits. It is all about money now. However, do not deceive yourself. It isn’t just about direct profit, it is also about manipulation for future profits and actually control of the masses. If you control the flow of information then you control the thoughts and if you control the thoughts then you have complete control. This complete control used to rest in the hands of religious leaders, and still does in less developed areas of the world, but in the west where religion has lost it power to a huge extent the control has been regained by the media conglomerates.
The sad part is that we have no one to blame but ourselves, through our own greed and laziness we have been complacent in our own enslavement. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that money and things and just us are the most important things in the world. We allowed ourselves to be convinced a bigger house showed how much more we loved our family, that a faster car would make us feel freer, that giving more things to our kids would make them more appreciative and give them more opportunities. We changed from measuring a man by his character and deeds to measuring him by his looks and his things. We changed from caring about the person next door to fearing the person walking down the street.
We watch our TVs and believe them when they tell us that something is bad or evil, without a thought we worry about things that are insignificant, we look for and blame details instead of seeking out the real issues and solving the real problems. The color of someone’s skin doesn’t make them behave a certain way, the religion that someone practices does not make them behave a certain way, the place that someone lives does not make then behave a certain way. What makes a person behave a certain way is the type of character they have. Nothing more, nothing less. So stop letting the media cover up real issues by creating issues that do not exist that focus on things that feed hate.

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