Big Brother Obama Has Played The National Security Card Again

obama signing executive order in oval office
Over the holiday Obama signed an Executive Order that gives the government COMPLETE control over all communications in a National Security event. The fact that he signed this order on the Friday afternoon of the holiday weekend which actually started on Wednesday, shows that he knew it would be a political fiasco considering the recent outrage over PRISM. It also shows that there should be more outrage. If his intentions were honorable then he would have done it in the full light of a working day. What is as important as what a politician does is when they do it.
While Obamanites might argue that being able to control the airwaves in an emergency is a good idea, if that was the pure and only reason for this Order then he would have done it with lots of fanfare at 10 am on Tuesday morning, but he didn’t. So the primary reason for doing this late on the 2nd day of a 4 day holiday weekend, was to have a few news reports talking about it as possible. Why does a politician, that is known for their narcissism, do something that will not given them desired publicity……cause the publicity that would arise outta this action would not give positive and beneficial results to his personal/professional goals.
Also the wording of in the event;  “Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure national security, effectively manage emergencies and improve national resilience.” should concern people. We have seen the government, especially sine 9/11, use the term National Security as a blank check whenever they think the need exists and there is little to no oversight. We know this from experience. We have heard of judges signing warrants without being able to read most of the warrant due to classification of the information included in the warrant. You would think that we could find judges that could be vetted so that they could read full petitions for warrants. We have even had reports that judges have signed warrants after the searches indicated in the warrants have actually taken place.
We have seen the use of the phrase ‘National Security’ used to justify PRISM, the huge expansion of the TSA, the creation of Homeland Security, as well as excessive watching of journalists and citizens in their private communications, there have even been reports of veterans being taken into custody and even placed in psychiatric wards of jails and hospitals. Where is the “this goes too far” fail-safe line?
As long as the American public accepts the illusion that the government has our best interest at heart or that they will ALWAYS do what is best for the country or her citizens, we will move closer and closer to enslavement in the guise of National Security.

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