No Hope Under Treason

American allies for today show as much honor as the current US government. It is like beating a dead horse to keep repeating that if one weapon or one dollar or one first aid kit reaches any of the “rebels” in Syria from the US government then treason will have been committed.

Treason is the act of assisting or rendering aid to or providing comfort for the enemies of the United States or her citizens.
terrorism grafiti
We are engaged in a GWOT and have a standing policy not to support or deal with terrorists. But just like every part of the Constitution and our laws that have been inconvenient to him, Obama just ignores them and does what he wants. And Congress whom is suppose to keep the Commander in Chief in check have turned a blind eye to his crimes. But then again, Congress has not done their job since Obama has been in office. Yet, they have stayed in office and even given themselves pay raises every year. And the American public seems to be totally agreeable with loosing all their liberties and rights as long as they have their worthless money and gadgets.
The alliance between big business and the government has successfully destroyed the spirit of the American. They have corrupted the American Dream from achieving your dreams by working hard and living a good life with values and morals to being totally consumed with desire for things and more things and little concern about anything outside their own personal space. Oh, sure we watch the news and say that is awful or they don’t deserve that or we should change that but that is where it ends.
It is interesting that people in countries that have fewer rights and liberties and more to lose taking stronger stances against their governments to keep them in check than we do. There are protests every day in countries around the world speaking out against lesser injustices than we have seen carried out here. The American public has allowed the government to destroy the economy and the rebuild an imaginary one to replace it, they are stamping out our rights in the name of security.
They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.
 Our schools no longer teach the Constitution or how to think independently. They instead teach compliance and ignorance. It is a shame that the US has lost its spirit and direction.

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