Learn Your Constitution; It Was Written For YOU!

US ConstitutionIt seems that most Americans have no clue about the words or the meaning contained in the Constitution. It is that ignorance that has allowed greedy, immoral, selfish politicians to usurp our freedoms and line their pockets with our tax dollars while not actually performing the duties set out for them in the Articles of the Constitution. The Constitution states that the federal government is supposed to be limited and that it is to be a body of the people, by the people and for the people.
There were very good reasons behind setting up a government around the population. The first was to eliminate a disconnected ruling class from the masses, this is done with the words “of the people”; all people are to be involved in government, it is EVERY citizen’s duty and obligation to be informed and to participate in government. The next reason was to ensure that government worked for the good of the individual, “for the people”; government is not to oppress or dictate, nor is government to infringe on the rights of the states or the individual, government it to be limited to only those duties that are required to ensure a secure nation, not personal security, that is the responsibility of the individual. The last part is that ALL power, ALL approval in the actions of the government rests in the authority given to the government “by the people”; we are the people, we have the right, the responsibility and the duty to keep the government in check.
WE THE PEOPLE are the counter balance to the tyranny of government. Power more often than not corrupts those who gain it. Our founding fathers knew this, they threw off the chains of a government that was tyrannical and oppressive and out of touch with the colonists. The Revolutionists did not wage a war at the drop of a hat, they voiced their opinions, the sent envoys to speak on their behalf before Parliament and the King. The took all forms of peaceful means to avoid war. In the end they faced 2 choices, to be treated as less than they were or to revolt and gain independence that ensured that each man would be treated as they should.
Those men believed that each man had the right to live free and to achieve their full potential without being burdened or oppressed by the government. They had more faith in the individual as the strongest link in the chain of the collective. They knew that men by nature are selfish and will protect what is theirs, so they created a government to give the means to always have something worth protecting and fighting for if the need arose. It is this environment of opportunity created by the founding fathers that became known as the American Dream. The belief that anyone no matter how they began life or who they were yesterday had the same chance to follow and fulfill their dreams as every other person without discrimination or limitations.
And it is this very thing that is at risk of extinction right now with the current administration. It is not the sole fault of the current administration, this has been a slow progression that began with the New Deal, but this current administration has done the most damage to the individual and his freedoms and has been the most oppressive and divisive of any previous administration. It has been the liberal/democrat mentality to enslave the masses, especially the poor or under educated in order to maintain control. It is time that those individuals that believe that liberal/democrat politicians have their best interest at heart to open their eyes to the reality that their true intent is to keep them oppressed and poor and uneducated so that they can maintain control. They do not believe that the “poor huddled masses” can think for themselves or make good choices either. They have taken it upon themselves to create a government that will do the thinking for the poor and “take care” of them. But they are the real reason that the poor and disenfranchised stays poor and disenfranchised.
If you are not one of the “poor huddled masses” you might think this doesn’t concern me, but it does. The Constitution states that our duty as citizens is not just our for ourselves, it is our duty to make sure the government does not infringe or diminish the rights of anyone. Do not wait until it is your rights that are being trampled on to care.

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