An Open Letter for Different Option for the Nation of Serbia without the EU

Belgrade Serbia Historic Skyline
Photo Credit: Daniel De Jan

It is desire to see Serbia improve its current conditions and to elevate its economy as well as the standard of its people that demands the composition of this Open Letter stating that there is NO positive to joining the EU and many negatives.

In looking at the recent history of Europe and the area that was formerly the state of Yugoslavia, the first thing that needs to be taken into account is that Yugoslavia was the most stable and established and healthy economy to emerge from the Iron Curtain after the Cold War. This primary fact presents a very real threat to the EU and specifically to the countries of Germany, France and Britain. The big 3 of the EU have enjoyed a patriarchal regime within the EU since its conception. In their eyes there was and will never be room for any dissenting voices. And certainly not one that was aligned with Russia.
In looking at the events that led up to the destruction of Yugoslavia it is very logical to see that there was in place certain feelings and wishes and even goals by the Big 3 of the EU. There can be NO doubt that they saw the benefit of a shattered Yugoslavia. It would be much easier to control and manipulate 6 plus small weak and beholden countries than to try to control one larger stable united country.
It is our opinion that if you look at the facts of how the EU with the support of all the members of NATO acted, there has been NO equality or fairness in conduct and treatment with regard to Serbia and Serbs. You need only look at the actions of The Hague to see the complete and total basis. There are uncountable Serbians whose demise has never been investigated nor acknowledged in those parts of Yugoslavia that were taken away from Serbia by the force or manipulation of the EU and NATO. There has been no real accountability for the torture and death of Serbians in any of the Balkans. The short answer is that the EU and NATO supported or at least turned a blind eye to what must have been considered “justified revenge genocide”. There is NO valid argument against this statement.
Based on the above remarks, there is absolutely NO justification for ANY benefit for the Serb peoples or the nation as a hold to be under the jurisdiction and authority of the same group that willing allowed the destruction and dismemberment not only of the nation of Yugoslavia but also of the Serbian people. And any member of the current government that would argue the contrary should be questioned extensively about their loyalty to the nation and her citizens as well as to what personal benefit they have received or been promised for supporting handing the nation over to the same body that supported the disembodiment of the nation.
This letter not only shows true and valid cause against joining the EU, it also now offers better options for the nation and people outside the confines of the EU. The people and nation would do much better to reestablish their own economy on their own, working with other countries and peoples outside the borders and influence of the EU. The best example for the belief that this is the right route for Serbia; look at what has happened in Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia. To support the argument we suggest several areas of improvement and development that will benefit all of Serbia.
The first of these ideas is to overhaul expand and completely and comprehensively rebuild the tourism industry. This would not be successful under the auspices of the EU. The greatest projections would support much better success outside the EU. This is done by promoting Serbia as a more economical option for a true and realistic European experience for non-Europeans. This is best done with the current currency of Serbia. There is an advantage to having a currency that is NOT the Euro.
The next idea includes developing trade agreements in new markets. There are whole areas of the world that are looking for ways to improve their own economies or that are ready to be emerging nations. Through comprehensive trade agreements with these new and improving markets; and by not being a super economy, Serbia is better able to understand and share in the experience of bringing these new economies into their own. This will increase the positive view of Serbia as well as provide a future customer base for the innovative tourism industry that was suggested as the first idea. In addition in cooperation with the new and emerging economies lays the opportunity for Serbia to increase its standing in the academic and intellectual fields. Which leads to the third part of this proposal.
There are top rate countries, which due to political differences, have untapped riches and talents in the form of their people and ideas. This provides another area that can be exploited for the benefit of Serbia and her people. That would be the improvement and expansion of her education system. Again, by not joining the EU and in cooperation with other similar states, Serbia can in the future offer a more economical education to international students and thus receive mutual benefit of this international collaboration.
These ideas are just the primary or initial foundation that will allow overflow into all other areas of the Serbian economy. And THIS success, is REAL success, and can only be accomplished if Serbia respectfully and graciously DECLINES the implementation of the Brussels agreement over Kosovo and stays out of the EU.

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