Keeping Balance in Syria

Assad and Putin Handshake via RandToday Russia announced that it would proceed with fulfilling orders with the Syrian government against the wishes of some western nations. I have to say BRAVO Russia!!!!
Britain and France pushed for the EU to lift the arms embargo against Syria so that “moderate rebels” could be supported in their revolution. This revolution officially started 2 years ago, but there is reason to believe that the idea of revolution in Syria was being nurtured as long as a decade ago. But as per the efficient what if scenario planning we have seen with the west in recent history, or even not so recent history, they had half a plan or a really bad plan and winged it in application.
If the primary, yes I am being sarcastic, reason for supporting revolution in Syria was the state of the citizens in Syria; then waiting 2 years after the revolt to openly and officially decide to support the rebels with arms is too late. The official statement of the western supporters of the rebels is they want to support the “moderate” rebels. I am curious as to how they expect to insure that the weapons are only used by “moderate” rebels. Just what does a “moderate” rebel look like? How does the “moderate” talk? Or walk? More importantly how do you tell the “moderate” rebels, once you have labeled them, that they cannot give the weapons to the “radical” or “extremist” rebels. That would be a great conversation to overhear….. Western Powers….we support you but you cannot share your weapons with all the kids on the play ground, only the other “moderate” rebels get to share with you. Rebels (with fingers crossed behind their backs)… sure we understand, only the “good” rebels will get these weapons, thank you so much.
The fact that the leaders of the Western Powers that want to further arm the rebels feel that stating they are only going to arm moderates and anyone believes that NO radicals, NO extremists will have access to the weapons is proof positive that they are totally deluded and so far removed from reality and the rest of the world that they are totally and completely unqualified to lead or to handle the current situations with any true hope of outcomes that will benefit anyone.
What we have to remember is that there is NO world leader in power that sincerely has any concern for the betterment of the world or even their own country. The world leaders have so removed themselves from the real world that even if they wanted to do something sincerely good they would not have the means or the capacity to do so. There is not one world leader that cares about the citizens of Syria, the only concern is if they can control or influence the new Syrian government onceΒ al-Assad has been forcibly removed from office.
The West has started more fires than it can control or put out. They have lost the reality that to ensure stability there needs to be a balance of power….when everyone is on the same side or are of the same ilk then stability has totally been undermined and while the leaders are so diluted with their own greed and egos it will be rest of us that will pay the price.

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