9th Court of Appeals – “Court Jester” AGAIN

If you want the most ludicrous decisions in our justice system, one needs not look further than the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. They have a history of overturning the most solid cases and letting stand the most outlandish, but their most recent ruling regarding the Stolen Valor Act is a total and complete farce.

If it is your freedom of speech to state that you are a war hero and have earned medals that you have never even been put in for then every American can put on their resume that they were President of this country. I can claim anything that I want and if my employer or anyone else tries to correct me I can claim violation of my rights. Can you be anymore absurd? The court claims that stating such things does not hurt anyone. What planet are they living on? Of course it hurts people, it hurts everyone. It hurt the other people trying to hold the same position, since normal people with common sense look at having earned the Medal Of Honor as showing something of  a person’s character and moral fortitude. Xavier Alvarez, stole the trust imparted in him by the people of Pomona, California, whom believed in him – – you CANNOT put a price or tangible quality on destroying someone’s trust. He limited the rights of ALL the citizens of Pomona from their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. If he lied about the Medal of Honor, what else did he lie about – – how poorly did he do his job? How has his lack of moral guidance and character effected the safety of the water that ALL citizens depend on in the city? How many people has he put in danger by his lying and deceit? How many other lies have yet to be found out?

The 2-1 majority that stated it was his constitutional right to state that he is someone that he is not have literally opened a flood gate. People charged with Identity Thief can now claim freedom of speech. People charge with fraud can also claim freedom of speech. And former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich would have absolutely no criminal charges standing against him based on this decision.

The 9th US Circuit has proven once again that they are the laughing stock of the American Justice System.

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