FOX News announces BP going for “KILL” Shot in Gulf

Isn’t that headline like 110 days too late or so? Wasn’t the “kill” shot when the rig blew and the spill started? If the mud and cement that didn’t work weeks ago works now – – I do not see any life dying as a result. It was the explosion and subsequent spill that did the killing. Eliminating the addition of oil to the gulf is not a killing action but a much delayed life action. Stopping the oil spill and permanently blocking the well access won’t even kill  BP’s bottom line.

I have to say that I have NO sympathy for any oil company that loses any profit. When gas prices first soared 5 years ago and congress called the CEOs and other executives from the major oil companies to Capital Hill to explain themselves, they whined about profits dropping to millions per quarter from the billions that they had been enjoying.

If Obama truly wants to promote alternative fuels then he should have rallied his very left leaning supporters in Congress to pass regulations that limit the increase of the prices of products and services such as gas and coal fueled electricity to no more than the increase in the cost of living per year. Therefore, even during the alleged oil shortage from Hurricanes Ivan and then Katrina, the oil companies would have had to take the hit like the rest of us did – – in their OWN pockets and bottom lines.

Don’t get me wrong – – in general I believe in a capitalist market, however, I do believe that government should protect its citizens from tyranny from any and every direction. There are certain basic necessities that are required for ALL persons to be able to pursue life, liberty and happiness and it is here that government should focus its meddling into our free market. The oil companies have been allowed to run rampant for far too long and  in some manners see themselves being in a position to dictate to governments instead of governments dictating to them.

The oil spill in the gulf shows this very clearly, in the reply by the oil industry where they openly confessed that not only do they not have tested and tried responses to disasters but they gamble with our world that they are above disasters both natural and man-made. Worse still, there were some procedural safe-guards in place so that a well-head can be shut down before catastrophe strikes. The workers manning the rig did their job and reported those early warnings that alerted BP of pending problems. How did BP executives reply to these reports from the persons on the ground? They ignored them, cause no profit will be made from a shut down well-head and profit is worth the minimal risks (as they determined the reports to reflect).

We are a society of greed and reaction instead of respect and responsibility. We are all about personal increase and never self-sacrifice. We will face our bill from Mother Nature at the end of the dance. How many of you are ready to pay the bill, after all you have enjoyed every waltz played. Just don’t look surprised or complain about the cost, for you racked up the bill yourself and have NO ONE to blame so don’t try!

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