Hey, it is still Bush’s fault

Are the Democrats for real? Yes, they are!

If it were not so pathetic, it would be funny to see how long they continue to blame former President Bush for every negative in the world. To date they have blamed Bush for everything from terrorist attacks to natural disasters and now he is also to blame for them not getting their job done. The democrats need to change their slogan from a “Vote for Change” to “Its not our fault, its Bush’s.” Have the democrats ever really admitted that their policies lead to more debt and larger government? They stretch the Constitution beyond its breaking point to cover their whims without thought to the spirit of the founding fathers or the immigrants that settled and built this country into what it is.

This is supposed to be the land of opportunity not the land of debt and oppression. The government was to remain small so as to never become tyrannical, yet the democrats would have a government so large that even taking a piss would be monitored and regulated and reported on. It is amazing how convoluted current politicians have become with regards to the foundations of our government and their own self worth. Our political leaders are living proof that our education system here in this country is completely unbalanced and insufficient for producing productive citizens across the board so that our country can assume its rightful position to move the world forward instead of shrinking from our responsibility of making the world a better place. However, I am not sure which is the greater tragedy, the politicians that over-inflate their egos at the cost of the our country or the masses that blindly follow worthless leaders while discarding the precious rights that our founding fathers fought so valiantly for. We have become a fractured society where protecting ourselves is the major guiding influence for our actions instead of upholding the pillars that our fore-fathers set in place for our benefit. If not for their sacrifice none of us would have the freedoms that we currently enjoy and we show our gratitude not by insuring the preservation of these freedoms but by shrieking our duties to protect our fellow man. Considering this current mind set do we truly deserve to benefit from prior sacrifices?

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