Digging in the Archives of my Randomness…….

Part Three

Ok so I told you that I would think about what direction I was going to take and let you know.
Well, I think what I will do is give you the idea without spilling the beans so to speak.
I was, hell I am, somewhat intimidated by the idea of character development and even to a degree setting set-up makes me antsy. How much is too much and how little is too little? And either one can make the story really bad. So I thought that I would do something that would put the emphasis more on the dialogue than on the characters or setting.
For right now the setting will be one location — just a room, but you may not be able to pick up on that initially.
And the characters will be more like background noise — it will be more their dialogue that creates them, or the dialogue of others. Some characters will only be players because they are the topic of the dialogue at that point.
So we will have to see how this goes, the intent is to show some humor while addressing serious issues. There will be some randomness to the direction but that is intentional. My disclaimer up front is that this is National Novel Writing Month — Novel meaning a work of fiction — fiction meaning not real :-)
Ok, I will be right back and we will get started………..
so did you miss me? of course not, because for you I wasn’t even gone.
I wonder would you have missed me if you were sitting here and saw me leave the room?
Probably not, why would you, what would there really be to miss, just another body, just another nobody, just another place holder. It is truly ironic that some people very sincerely and truly believe that the world revolves around them, that we would all be lost without them, that they really make our day, hell our life better just by their presence. And those same people are always totally and completely amazed, even crushed when we do leave their presence, when we — the nobodies — walk outta their lives. How can we do something like that? What are we thinking? Are we really that stupid? Do we not know how lucky we were to be chosen to be their follower, their door mat, their toy, even their punching bag?
Of course they are only responsible for their good actions, anything mean or abusive or destructive was all our fault. Their lies, their cheating, their drinking, their manipulation, their flaws, their whatever somehow all of it was our fault — for someone so perfect has no flaws of their own!
So no, not that you are that person, but you did not miss me when I was gone. And that is ok, I did not miss you while I was gone either. So while I should not be hurt over your insensitivity, you expect some explanation as to why I didn’t miss you……hum, maybe you are that person.
But, you have a different name, the color of your eyes are different, the sound of your voice is different, you smell different, you feel different, yet, the words are the same, the lies are the same, the actions are the same, no you are not that person, but you are just like that person.
“Here we go, round 2. How can someone with a gensis IQ be such an idiot? What is it about me that is, is …..I don’t know? I guess if I knew maybe I could prevent this mess.
Well, I know how to prevent from now on. It is not going to happen again. There will be NO MORE, I tell you. I won’t do this again. I’m done. Maybe a one night stand, maybe a short hot fling, but no more long term anything.
You know what I just do not get, what is so hard about being honest? Why not just say ‘these are the things that I want from you. And these are the things that I am willing to give you.’ ? And if the terms are agreeable to both parties then enjoy it, have fun, see where the ride goes. But if it is not then just shake hands and go your separate ways. No harm, no foul.
Why do people insist on being with people that they don’t like, that they don’t care about, that they have no connection with? I like football, but I want to be with someone who thinks the sport is stupid and is going to yell at me every time that I watch a game. I hate exercise, but I am going to fall for a gym rat. I gotta have my meat and potatoes, but that vegan is the one for me. I only want sex once a week, and then with the lights off and missionary style only, so I am going to ask the nympho to move in with me.
If that is normal, no wonder I need therapy!! If that is sane, no wonder I am considered crazy!!”
“Is that what you think? Do you think that you are crazy?”
“How honest do you really want me to be?”
“Well, that is up to you, but for this to work, you are going to have to be honest with yourself.”
“Oh, I think I am very honest with myself. I think that such honesty is how I can see the stupidity around me that the rest of the world seems to ignore.”
“And what stupidity is it that you see, that the rest of us ignore?”
“Wow, now I know why you charge by the hour. Just answering that question alone will keep you in business for the next year.”
“So is that part of the stupidity that you think the rest of us ignore? The fact that I charge by the hour?”
“Well, no but now that you mention it, it does seem kinda stupid that you charge by the hour, yet we are only in here for 50 minutes. So I get jipped 10 minutes and you get a 10 minute bonus. So shouldn’t you charge for 50 minute blocks or charge by the minute? But then again, you would still get the 10 minute bonus, because you would not lower your rates by one sixth, you simply divide your hour rate by 50 minutes. See that is part of the problem, we as a society measure every thing by money or material compensation.
Doctors do not become doctors to help people, they are in it for the money. Lawyers are not in it for truth and justice, they are in it for the money. Even shrinks, are in it for the money. Money, money, money. Do you realize that I can take all your money and all the things that your money bought you and light a match to them and they will be gone? Then where will you be? What will you have left? How will you define yourself then?”
“How do you define yourself, Laura?”
“I don’t.”
“Why not?”
“Why should I? To steal from William, ‘that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’. And there is always, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. So, how I define myself is merely a relative perception of physical features, abstract context, and distorted visions.”
“So if I ask, ‘who is Laura’, what would you reply?
“Depends on what?”
“Depends on who is asking, what they are looking for, why they want to know.”
“I am asking.”
“You know who Laura is.”
“Do I?”
“Don’t you?”
“You tell me.”
“How do I know what you do or don’t know?”

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