Digging in the Archives of my Randomness……

Part Two

Well, this is day one of our writing exercise. I am not sure that I will actually develop any story line or characters that could one day play out on the pages of even a bad novel, but we will just write and see where we end up.
I was actually still writing away when life got busy and interrupted my writing yesterday, which in and of itself I must say is kinda cool. Maybe there is room somewhere in the dark corners of my empty hall of imagination that might just be fostering some little idea.
I took a Classical Mythology class a few years ago and the professor is of the opinion, and I must say that on some level I do agree with him, that the best and only originals stories ever written were the myths. Everything since then are just rewrites of the old. For our final, to illustrate his point, we compared and contrasted The Odyssey with the movie β€œOh Brother Where Art Thou”. Point taken!
I enjoy some of the myths, the shorter lesser known ones. I think that the stories of old should get more credit than they do. It often amazes me how we are so arrogant and egocentric in our review of the past. What give us the right to think that we are more intelligent, cultured or civilized than the ancients?
I cant say that I find us that way. I tend to think that we are not as smart as they were. There were more than capable of understanding the need for balance, they were capable of more happiness, and the show an amazing understanding of the world that they lived in, even on a cosmic level.
They were also great story tellers. Of course there was not much in the way of entertainment so story-telling became a true art form. And such an endearing form it was that it lasted thousands of years, much longer than the written word has been telling tales.
All that being said what a daunting task for us pions to come up with some yarn that will wrap itself so tightly around the reader as to encompass their very being. Aim high. Shoot for the stars. Or just write a good story. Now those are some lofty goals!
I must confess that the one thing that do seem to be accomplishing is the beating around the bush, the saying a whole lot without really saying anything at all. I have learned how to ramble on and on about meaningless thoughts and ideas and not even bringing the topic full circle. If you were sitting where I am right this very minute and I do mean very minute you would see that I have typed 401 words without saying 1 thing. Now there is enough talent to get me a good shot at becoming President.Β :-)
Some how I have the feeling that the writing that we are encouraged to do for the NaNoWriMo is probably suppose to be a little more focused, with some goal in mind. So what goal should I set for myself to endeavor to reach this month with my writing and rambling? Not selling myself short, but I do not see signed, self-published, first editions under the tree for all my friends and relatives, which is probably a good thing.
I also do not trust myself to write any form of an autobiographical nature. Ah, what luck, a glance at the clock tells me that I need to put on my shoes and go get my baby. But I will keep in mind just what goal I will set for myself and will disclose it tomorrow, I suppose.

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