What a Waste of Goverment Money and Time

Well the City of Delray Beach must be one of the safest cities in South Florida and must have no major issues at all to resolve. Funny I think that I remember hearing that they were having noise issues as well as parking issues downtown. Instead of tackling the hard issues of resolving the parking issues and the noise issues, which if memory serves was related to motorcycles in the downtown area at night, they have decided to take on a much more menacing issue. What might that issue be? What issue might bump the parking and noise problems of downtown? What issue needs to be addressed with full attention and vengeance?

What issue indeed …………………………..
Delray Beach is banning baggy pants.
That is right, baggy pants. They are ridding their public buildings of the horror of baggy pants. They are banning the violent attacks of possibly seeing a male walking around showing their boxers above their pants. Well I certainly am thrilled to know that I won’t have to be subjected to such tragedies as seeing guys wearing ugly boxers anymore. That was just really impacting the way I live and totally interfering with conducting business at government offices.
It is nice to know that I can sleep better at night knowing that baggy pants are going to be banned in Delray.
P.S. I want to know how much the plumber butt lobby paid to have a blind eye turned on them.

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