Chavez socialism is abusive relationship….

26 August 2007

As I have been reading the articles concerning Hugo Chavez and his antics — I keep telling myself that this is an abusive relationship. If you start with the beginning and follow through to now- Chavez’ rise to power has been a step by step climb taken from any DV relationship.

Over a decade ago this charming, charismatic hero appeared on the scene. And he said all the right things and acted the part of the answer to all the prayers of the poor, the weak, and the disenfranchised. He was able to gather the energy of their hopes and dreams and used it to secure power for himself. Then he appeared to be true to his word as he nationalized industries and created jobs. The people saw these things as being great. What they didn’t see was Chavez arresting opposition and spreading propaganda to create the basis that he needed to stay in power. He created the US as an evil villain that he and he alone could protect Venezuela and the rest of South America from. He made loud and rude comments about America, he arrested and threw out Americans that he labeled as spies. With his control of the state run media it was easy for him to create a completely false vision of himself for the people of Venezuela.

He has created a dependency of the Venezuelan people on his power. He has convinced them they need him, when the reality is the opposite. He has convinced them that they would be nothing without him, the same as any abuser. Now he is going to rewrite the constitiution so that he can consolidate power and increase his tyranny. He is a smart and cunning man-he is a danger to the peace and stability of Latin America and the world. And just like with an abusive relationship if the victim (the Venezuelan people) is not separated from the abuser the results will be fatal.

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