Throw Us Under the Bus, Please!!!!

12 March 2007

So the Democrats are showing their support for our troops once again. Setting a pull out date, how nice of them. They still don’t get it. You cannot give deadlines to the enemy. Could you be any more anti-troops than that? They might as well hand the insurgents copies of all our mission plans and defense capabilities. Hell, why not just sign a surrender agreement right now. Maybe we should put all the supporters of the troop pull out on a plane send them to Iraq and let them go to every school and every clinic and every village and tell every innocent civilian that we are going to bail on them again.

And NO we do not have the troops to protect your visits to these villages and schools and clinics, take your chances; you are peace loving enlightened intellectuals that understand the insurgents and are civilized enough to reason with them so you have no need for military escorts!!!!!

That would show the world that they can count on us; that we have backbone and the stomach to go the long haul. NOT!

I just get more and more irritated with the Democrats every time they shoot their mouths off. The problem is that they are so anti-Bush and anti-Republican that they don’t even look at the issues or the big pictures. All they want to do is show that they went against Bush that they were on the opposite side of the argument with the Republicans.

What is it with Democrats that being against Republicans and Bush is more important that doing the best thing for national security and interests? Why would they cut off their nose to spite their face? Why is it that they are more concerned about one detail than the bigger picture? How is it that they only know how to be reactive and never proactive? Why is it that they never want to prevent something but only pick up the pieces after and then only if they cant get someone else to do it and only if it wont hurt too bad.

What happened to the true Democrats? FDR must be so disappointed in his party today; even JFK had a better grasp of world politics and international relations than any of the Democrats in Congress today.

If it were up to the Democrats we would still be under terrorist attacks, because they would not have pushed for any retaliation, except for maybe a UN resolution calling the acts uncivilized. Yeah, that is what we should have done, whined to the UN that Usama was not playing nice, that the Taliban were supporting terrorism and encouraging attacks against innocent civilians. Yes that is ALL that should have been done and then in 10 or 15 years after the current Democrats had left public office the next generation of leaders would have been left to clean up the mess that would have grown exponentially unchecked in that time. What a wonderful thought, what a nice legacy to leave our children!

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